Combination: FFP2 NR + antiviral

This mask is an innovation. It combines the properties of a high-quality FFP2 mask with additional antiviral benefits!


  • Filter: PP/PE (fiber blend of polypropylene/polyethylene)
  • Bracket: steel
  • Elastic bands: polypropylen/elastane


  • particle filtering
  • antiviral & antibacterial*
  • 20 times better virus protection with Thorey AntiVir technology
  • 100 % Made in Germany
  • 100 % recyclable

 Filter performance antiviral FFP2 mask | Falt Med Protect

Standards / Approvals / Tests

  • CE-certification according to DIN EN 149:2001 + A1:2009
  • Tested and certified in the EU pdfTD11-GT184-FFP2-1.pdf

* The antiviral effectiveness of the respirator material was confirmed by the TU-Ilmenau:

Design folding mask Falt Med Protect, FFP2 NR + antiviral
Color: white / blue
Packaging unit: 5 or 10 pieces

(NR: non reusable)

Technical data sheet:


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Package Contents FFP2 mask | Falt Med Protect


The Thorey AntiVir Technology

Textiles provide an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Thorey AntiVir technology equips the fleece antiviral and antibacterial. The viruses and bacteria are mechanically and biologically deactivated and destroyed.


  • The spread of bacteria and viruses is inhibited and the viruses become inactive.
  • Self-protection is substantially improved because viruses and bacteria are not transmitted on textile surfaces and aerosol contamination is reduced.
  • The virus protection of the mask is improved by a factor of 20.