Our masks meet the highest safety and quality standards. They were developed and manufactured in Germany. This ensures long-term supply security, short transport routes and, last but not least, it secures jobs in Germany.


of our respirators masks:

Filter performance: 99.5 % (94 % is required by law)


  • - Filters made of PP/PE (polypropylene/polyethylene fiber blend)
  • - Flexible steel bracket
  • - Elastic bands of polyester/elastane


FFP 2 Maske deutsche Produktion

FFP2 NR - Particle filtering half mask for occupational safety and health

FFP2 NR D - Particle filtering half mask with additional dust protection (dolomite dust)

FFP 2 Mask antiviral made in germanytion

Combination: FFP2 NR + antiviral

We are working at full speed on further mask types, e.g. an FFP3 mask. You will find more here soon.

These 4 mask types are commercially available. Beware of Fake » News


* corresponds Thorey Falt Basic plus and Falt Med Protect